For older generations, it doesn’t seem like it was that long ago that CDs were the hottest new technology. But by today’s standards, compact disc technology is outdated. Unfortunately, some radiology departments are mired in the old, inconvenient method of utilizing CDs for storing images and sharing them with other providers. There is a way out on the way to better patient care, and for many imaging centers, it’s cloud PACS.

For some healthcare organizations, change is difficult. Maybe it’s because of budgets or because your team simply is not willing to navigate a new workflow. Regardless of the reason, sticking with old technology is going to cost you in the long run if it hasn’t already.

Switching to the Cloud

Even if you’re using CD technology, you’re more than likely also using cloud-based technology for one or more applications that are critical to your day-to-day operations. And while some health systems are reluctant to “give up control” of their data or risk losing it because of inefficiencies in the cloud, most major health systems have gotten over those fears and embraced the cloud today.

The transition is necessary if you consider the time and money spent on lesser technologies. For example, some health systems have spent up to $10 per CD to burn and store them. Not only is that expensive, but the CDs take up a considerable amount of space and healthcare providers can spend hours of their time managing them.

Patient Outcomes

Perhaps even more important is what having access to cloud PACS can do for patients. For example, in a situation where there is a medical emergency, having quick access to imaging is crucial. When you have cloud-based technology on your side, you can transmit images electronically to anyone who needs them.

Let’s say a patient needs to be transferred to another healthcare provider for emergency surgery, but the images were taken at a different facility; with cloud PACS, those images can be digitally transferred and immediately received by the satellite provider, so they have the information they need to make decisions about the surgery before the patient arrives, which means they can be prepped and ready. With CDs, that’s simply not possible.

There is a lot more to cloud PACS than just getting rid of antiquated technology. At OffSite Image Management, our cloud PACS solutions can help you in many areas. Contact us today and let’s discuss the ways in which we can assist you with your imaging needs.