An improved understanding of advanced technology has been a part of extending the lifespan of those in the developed world, and it’s evident in the way radiology departments operate today. Imaging is now more than ever, a go-to process for managing one’s health. Therefore, the approach to radiology workflow has evolved.

Gain More Control

You’ve likely got a large amount of data at your fingertips, but are you utilizing it the way you should? Radiology departments that invest in imaging informatics get a lot of value out of that expenditure. IT is evolving, which includes the IT in your radiology department in things like cloud storage, offsite software and hardware services, big data and imaging technology, which is why partnering with an informatics expert to help you become more tech-savvy is key.

The more in step you are with the latest technology, the more you can predict how your workflow will go.

Information Flow

Don’t let inefficient data flow be the thing that is causing bottlenecks in your workflow. You can integrate radiology software that will enhance the way you juggle daily tasks.

For example, if you’re taking multiple steps in archiving images, updating electronic health records and sharing data with other departments, there is an easier way to do this without all the fuss. Getting connected with the right software can minimize the number of steps you’re taking, freeing up time and allowing you to get more done during the day.

Utilize a 360 Degree Solution

In some cases, radiology workflow is limited by on-premise solutions that rely on antiquated methods. Cloud-based vendors are offering numerous solutions that can get you out of the rut and moving in a more efficient manner.

Your PACS should be supporting you now and for how you’ll be working in the future. You should be able to customize your PACS so you can have more flexibility. The right vendor can offer you archiving and disaster recovery tools.

At OffSite Image Management, we deliver a 360-degree solution that gives our customers the following:

  • Annual Software Upgrades
    We can guarantee non-obsolescence by delivering the latest version of the software that you need to stay in line with a radiology workflow that keeps you competitive.
  • Brower Agnostic Viewer
    Read remotely with a zero-footprint viewer that supports HTML5.
  • Zero Administration
    Our PACS administration as a service means you don’t have to worry about daily tasks required to run a PACS.
  • Automation
    Our advanced scheduling options are made possible through our enhanced auto-routing.

Learn more about how we can cover just about every aspect of your radiology workflow needs by contacting us today.