When it comes to game-changers in radiology, few will omit PACS. This technology has proven to be a major player in sharing medical images in a way that positively impacts healthcare providers and their daily workflow, not to mention the level of patient care.

The following are some of the top benefits users should see when using the right PACS solution:

  • Data Management Efficiencies
    Healthcare professionals need a steady workflow to effectively do their jobs, and PACS can assist with this by providing data management capabilities. Imaging data is centrally stored in PACS, making accessibility easier.
  • Better/Easier Viewing
    In order for radiologists to correctly examine images, they need to have tools at their disposal that help them zoom in and manipulate images in a way that makes diagnosing more effective. A PACS solution can offer these tools.
  • Improved Reporting
    It doesn’t matter where your tests were performed. If you’re connected to a high-functioning PACS, you’re going to have easy access to be able to share reports. Furthermore, if you need quick access to patient history, you’ll get it through your PACS.
  • Easy-to-Use Software
    When your staff can easily navigate the software, there will be fewer mistakes and better patient care. Also, if you’re partnering with the right vendor, your PACS software should integrate to other systems, such as a radiology information system and your electronic medical record system.

If you’re looking for a new approach to PACS and feel like your current setup is lacking, make sure the vendor you choose offers the following:

  • On-site diagnostic workstation
  • Brower-agnostic viewer
  • DICOM data coercion
  • Structured reporting
  • Unlimited modality connections
  • Software non-obsolescence
  • Modality worklist

A PACS solution can offer stable and reliable performance for the maximum amount of uptime. They are integration-friendly and yet provide excellent value. They allow you to capture images from analog and digital video sources, offer image compression for workflow management and a diagnostic, zero-footprint multi-modality viewer. There are also orthopedic templates and trauma planning solutions offered by the best PACS providers.

Not every imaging center is going to need the same solution, which is why OffSite Image Management has created customized solutions. For example, if your practice doesn’t require WADO-EHR integration, you can choose a cloud-based PACS option that doesn’t include that technology. If you find that you need it later, you can always bump up your package to include it.

Our Enterprise PACS solution includes customized on-site PACS, multiple FDA-approved workstations, advanced logical expression, 3D TOMO BTO-compliant technology, unlimited routing and the HL7 ORU interface.

For more information about what we offer, visit our PACS page.