With unemployment at historic lows, many employers have to look far and wide for quality employees. This includes radiologists who are in short supply today, which is particularly straining on rural communities. Fortunately, technology has stepped up to ease the workload in the form of cloud-based PACS.

One aspect that has necessitated the advent of better PACS solutions is the fact that there is an increased demand on services. Radiology departments are getting slammed with an influx of patients seeking to leverage the latest imaging technologies, some of which include massive file sizes. This not only puts a strain on healthcare providers, it also requires some rethinking about how data is stored.

With quality PACS solutions, providers are looking to solve their interoperability issues and gain a better grasp on quality control. With a scalable vendor neutral archiving system, providers can also take care of viewing issues, which are largely related to proprietary viewers that cause bottlenecks.

Furthermore, the best cloud PACS systems are fully auditable, which offers more insight into how services can be enhanced to improve everything from image file access to sharing files to overall workflow.

Working Together

It’s not unusual for a healthcare provider to work with multiple other providers, all of whom need access to images at a moment’s notice. This is another area where PACS solutions can step up.

The focus of any vendor offering PACS solutions should be to help your business succeed, which means they have to develop their solution based on the latest DICOM standards. This makes it easy to access patient exams and data at multiple locations.

When shopping for a suitable vendor, choose one that will offer administrative support, because this is also a huge perk for providers that are already lean on staff. Rather than having to manage all the peripherals, the vendor does it for you and support is provided when you need it. Also, the software that comes with your PACS solution should include a warrantee and unlimited upgrades and updates.

Browser Agnostic Advantage

Society is more mobile today than ever, and with patient needs in a constant state of urgency, having images available to you when you need them is vital. Your vendor should offer browser agnostic viewing, which means you should be able to view your images on any HTML5-compliant web browser. And these images should be available on your mobile devices as well as your desktop.

At OffSite Image Management, we offer the best in cloud-based PACS solutions. Our PACS server is hosted in our commercial datacenter with all the latest security upgrades. If you’re looking to unload hardware costs, our approach is going to be a huge bonus to you. Furthermore, we offer all the advantages mentioned above. Contact us and let’s talk about how we can customize a solution for you.