Thanks to the constant evolution of medical imaging technology, healthcare providers are able to significantly improve their approach to providing quality care to patients. 3D technology is among the most advanced that healthcare providers rely on today for making diagnoses that would have been impossible years ago. Fortunately, cloud-based solutions provided by top-rated vendors are bringing this technology to the underserved.

3D radiology technology provides unprecedented views of everything from blood vessels to bones. But accessing and viewing these images in an efficient manner wouldn’t be possible without advancements in networking. For example, it was only a couple of decades ago that the average transmission occurred at 10 megabits per second. Fortunately, advancements have made a 10 gigabit per second transmission possible.

It’s this type of infrastructure that makes 3D imaging possible, allowing healthcare providers to work with more than 100 large images per day. These high resolution images are in many ways easier to read because there is less “noise” in them.

Tomosynthesis Advancements

Going from 2D to 3D medical imaging in mammography has been a huge boon for healthcare providers and a crucial step forward for patients seeking out better alternatives. Tomosynthesis provides medical images that improve breast cancer detection, reduce the rate of false positives and recalls.

Also called 3D mammography, tomosynthesis gives radiologists the ability to capture images from many angles, displaying tissues at all possible depths. Patients with dense breast tissue are benefitting from this technology, as it drastically reduces the rate of false positives and allows imaging specialists to see more clearly into the dense breast tissue and discover anomalies.


Cloud-based services are available for 3D technology, including mammography. When you partner with the right vendor, you’ll get advanced processing features, such as reference lines between MLO and CC images. You’ll also get tomosynthesis cine + MIP and US. Reference lines between MG and US should be offered to you, as well as mammography CAD support of virtually any vendor.

Multiple Advantages

Finding the right provider of tomosynthesis viewing technology is key, especially among rural providers who count on SaaS services. But rather than partner with a vendor that only offers tomosynthesis, you can get more mileage out of a vendor that also provides CT, MRI and ultrasound in their packages.

Furthermore, the best vendors offer services like teleradiology, PACS and VNA support. If you’re maxed out on physical space for servers or simply don’t have it in the budget to take on some of the most modern medical imaging technology as an on-site methodology, consider cloud-based solutions like those offered at OffSite Image Management.