Vendor Neutral Archiving Enhances Medical Image Management

vendor neutral archivingIt seems the challenges facing the healthcare industry are constantly changing. One issue that has been at the top of the list in recent years is partly impacted by technological improvements related to electronic medical records. Another, partially related issue, is in regard to medical imaging, which has also gone largely digital. Can vendor neutral archiving step in to save the day?

Thanks to a report from Ernst and Young, we get a better view of what’s challenging the healthcare communities in the U.S. and European countries. The report focuses on the fact that medical imaging costs are a big concern among providers. These are providers, some of whom are located in rural areas, which are increasingly struggling with archiving and sharing their growing number of medical images.

Researchers looked at case studies and performed interviews in four countries, examining what is driving the business side of the industry. Furthermore, they focused on what business initiatives would be the concern of the industry well into the future. What they found is that many providers are concerned about patient empowerment and value-based outcomes. Social media, patient portals and specific mobile apps are helping to deliver on the patient empowerment end, but what about medical imaging in relation to value-based outcomes?

A survey of healthcare professionals shows that 44 percent are most concerned with cutting costs. Roughly 41 percent are looking at expenses for upgrading their medical IT systems, which would include systems for archiving, accessing and sharing medical imaging. However, on the plus side is the fact that many industry professionals believe vendor neutral archiving will help drive down imaging costs within the next two years. How does this happen?

The report says that healthcare professionals believe a 10 percent decrease will be visible by 2017. What we know already is that vendor neutral archiving is an efficient method of bringing innovation to hospitals, and is believed by many to be the fundamental aspect of a healthcare provider’s imaging strategy. The advantage that vendor neutral archiving has over other technologies is that it is interoperable. Furthermore, VNA can help providers share, store and manage their medical imaging – regardless of the vendor and digital format.

There is a school of thought out there today that says VNA’s real value is in its ability to collaborate with other solutions. Furthermore, because it doesn’t rely on proprietary architecture, VNA helps to cut, eliminate and contain costs related to medical imaging. Furthermore, VNA is the go-to method for optimizing HDO workflows and business processes, thus presenting more revenue opportunities for providers.

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