To move to the cloud or not, that’s the question imaging IT professionals are often asked today in an era where just about every application can live on the cloud. But what about your RIS/PACS? Should they be on the cloud? For a host of reasons, our answer is a resounding “yes.”

Avoiding Disaster

When cloud development was in its infancy, security was probably the biggest concern. Conversely, security is what many organizations are finding in the cloud today. Cloud vendors make security their top concern and are offering disaster recovery solutions that are integral in today’s cyber criminal-rich landscape.

Not only are they providing new and rigorous protections against cyber threats, cloud vendors are also putting disaster recovery solutions on the table for their clients. They’re using multiple data centers to host your images, so if one should become unavailable during your disaster, there are others there that will be able to grant you access to all your data.

Cost Reduction

Who isn’t looking to save on costs? Cloud RIS vendors provide a service that will improve your workflow and make you more efficient, but also save you money. The main source of these savings are from the lack of expenditures you have to make on your end, particularly in maintenance and upgrades, real estate (housing servers) and the personnel it takes to upkeep these high-end technologies.

Gaining Support

When you face an IT emergency, how quickly are you able to get everything back up and running? Do you have to outsource help? When you have a cloud RIS vendor working for you, the upgrades are made as soon as they are available, which means you are less likely to encounter downtime due to malfunctioning, old software.

Should anything go wrong on your end, a simple call to the help desk provided by your cloud RIS vendor will take care of everything.

OffSite’s Solution

At OffSite Image Management, we are focused on bringing top-rated cloud-based solutions to our customers. From DICOM routing to HL7 interfaces, DICOM manipulation to DICOM migration and Modality worklist solutions – there isn’t much we can’t do. If you have issues with your RIS/PACS, check out our page on the various levels of PACS support we provide, including VNA.

For example, if you’re a smaller imaging center and don’t need all the bells and whistles that will go unused, choose our Power PACS package, which includes an all-in-one hybrid solution, hardware and software included. You’ll get structured reporting and the ability to import documents. Our most popular option is the cloud PACS package, which includes DICOM data coercion, modality worklist, software non-obsolescence, fully hosted PACS and unlimited modality connections, among other perks.