Behind every successful healthcare provider is an efficient workflow process. Success is defined quite widely, but in most situations, it involves lowering costs while improving productivity. This is certainly true in radiology departments and your PACS solution can play a key role in this.
The public increasingly relies on radiology as part of their total care approach, and this has increased dramatically, raising concerns about how images are stored, accessed and viewed. Cloud-based PACS solutions have stepped up to answer the call for more efficient management of images.

A Scalable Solution

As the volume of testing and images grow, there has to be a strategy to accommodate that growth. Not only is the number of images increasing, the modality types are also more varied. With legacy systems, especially vendor-specific viewers, gaining access to the images you need is an issue increasingly difficult to overcome. Cloud-based, vendor neutral archiving systems can help you overcome those challenges and work as your PACS solution.

For example, are you still using paper charts to track workflow? With the right PACS solution, everything goes digital, allowing you and your staff to jettison the paper trail and more accurately track the workflow from each step without the roadblock that antiquated solutions put in the way. Each patient’s exam and images are easy to follow, from appointment to diagnosis.

Focusing on Success

The best option is to seek out a vendor that is in compliance with the latest DICOM standards and makes it easy to access patient exams and data, regardless of the type of viewer or the location of your data.

You need a vendor that provides all-in-one workstation/PACS hybrids. All the hardware and software should come as part of the overall package, and you should have access to all the reporting and documents you need to provide quality care.

Every work environment differs, so you need to choose a vendor that allows you to customize your on-site PACS. Furthermore, PACS should be on a hosted commercial datacenter with all the latest protections, which includes disaster recovery, business continuity and security measures that protect your data.

At OffSite Image Management, that’s what we offer. Rather than push a one-size-fits-all solution, we’ve established three tiers of PACS solutions for your needs that all include monthly administrative support.

Our CloudPACS solution gives you a variety of options, including a modality work list and software non-obsolescence assurances. Unlimited users, browser agnostic viewers and unlimited modality connections are part of the package.

For those that require an enterprise approach, we offer EnterprisePACS, which includes unlimited routing, WADO-EHR integration, HL7 ORM modality work lists and 3-D TOMO BTO adaptability that is compliant. Furthermore, our zero-footprint, browser-agnostic viewer gives you total access to your images.

Contact us and let’s talk about your PACS challenges and how we can help you overcome them.