PACS and VNA market growth has been increasing and is expected to continue for another five years. Part of the reason for this is that these technologies can be used by multiple people, all of whom are contributing to the overall goals of the organization while they take advantage of tools that are available to them regardless of where they might be.

Some of the technological advancements in PACS, such as the ability to work with mammography, oncology, ophthalmology and endoscopy, make them versatile and valuable. In particular cloud-based vendors are making waves, offering up new tools and helping customers improve their workflow.

The Growth of Cloud PACS

Cloud-based PACS are growing in popularity due in part because of the cost savings involved with this software-as-a-service approach, which means storage and archiving are less expensive than taking an on-premise approach.

Another cost reduction is in relation to the fact that the technology is managed by the vendor, not your on-site IT personnel. Rather than purchase and tend to on-site infrastructure, everything is owned, managed and operated by the cloud-based vendor.

For those who are energy conscious, at least within your own facility, there are also benefits there because all electricity consumed to run, cool and operate the technology is paid for by the vendor.

Patient Care Advantages

The most important aspect of cloud-based PACS is the ability to improve patient care. Having the latest technology at your fingertips is a way to offer better treatment for your patients.

For example, some of the best cloud PACS vendors are offering 3D tomosynthesis and BTO compliant imaging technology, advanced logical expression, zero footprint browser agnostic viewing and WADO-EHR integration.

At OffSite Image Management, we know that healthcare providers and radiology departments differ in what they need to offer the best possible service to patients and technology for their professionals, which is why we’ve developed a customized approach to offering PACS services, including PowerPACS, CloudPACS and EnterprisePACS. Never pay for something you’re not going to use! Contact us today and let’s discuss how you can save money, improve workflow and offer better patient care with our solutions to meet the unique needs of your radiology department.