If you are in the radiology field, you can attest to the rise in digital radiography and dramatic distancing from film-based technology. The devices used in digital radiology have become more efficient, offering quicker image readout and the ability to store, access and share at greater levels.

If you have yet to make the leap into full-on digital radiology in your facility, we’re offering a glimpse into the benefits of doing so and the importance of having a cloud-based PACS provider behind you, as well.

The Quantum Leap

High dynamic range, or HDR imaging, offers a sharper, more detailed image, but using this technology has a side benefit of reducing your exposure to X-rays. This is in part due to quantum efficiency.

Using HDR allows you to see tissues in more contrast, giving you a better view of the situation and the ability to read the exam more accurately and faster. And while you don’t want to “overexpose” in most radiology situations, doing so with HDR will not reduce the quality of the image. In fact, some have found overexposure to actually improve the image quality.

Improved Workflow

Faster image presentation leads to improved workflow, and that’s exactly what you get with a flat plane detector, which lets you view an image within about 10 seconds. While the cost of this technology might seem prohibitive, especially if your budget for new hardware isn’t too deep, you might find that the image quality and speed makes up for the cost as it improves the rate at which you study exams.

Remote Viewing

If you’re partnered with the right vendor, you’re going to have the benefit of remote viewing options with digital radiology.  Vendor neutral archiving(VNA), which allows you to view images on any device rather than relying on only proprietary devices.

This means that rather than being shackled to a viewing station while you’re on call, you can get out and about and view many different file types via a mobile device.

Going With a Cloud-Based Option

Going digital requires investigative work on your end to get what you need. Critical access, specialty and rural hospitals have historically been underserved, but not with cutting-edge radiology services offered by OffSite Image Management. We specialize in helping our clients leap into the digital age with our offerings. All you have to do is produce radiology exams and sit back and enjoy our services.

Part of the package with OffSite is that you don’t have to worry about maintaining or updating software or worrying about servers crashing. We have heighted security recommendations that will be a perfect fit for your digital radiology needs.

Contact us and let’s walk through the various ways you can save money and improve patient care with OffSite by your side.