With advancements in radiology technology, more and more cardiologists are finding value in the radiology department. In fact, cardiovascular information and imaging systems, referred to as cardiac PACS, can improve workflow, which can lead to key improvements, including upping workplace morale and cutting costs.

Among the many benefits is the fact that rather than spreading out data across several departments, the best cardiac PACS bring everything together. Data can be more easily accessed and healthcare professionals no longer run into roadblocks when paired with the right cardiac PACS vendor.

Keeping it Local

It’s common for healthcare providers to have to remember many logins as they access data related to their patients; there are so many software platforms used by the disparate technologies that this has become the norm. However, with the right cardiac PACS at your disposal, getting a complete view of a patient’s situation doesn’t require the same leaps over multiple hurdles.

With one login, you can come out with a more positive experience as access to everything you need is found in one place. Radiologists face less burnout and improved levels of patient care. Furthermore, this method has less maintenance and upkeep attached to it, which is a blessing for IT departments.

AI to the Rescue

On top of generating a smoother workflow through cardiac PACS, the introduction of artificial intelligence (AI) has also been a technology that has brought many luxuries to the industry. For example, AI has been useful for alerting healthcare professionals to problems that need to be attended to. But it reaches far beyond that: AI offers close monitoring of patient health, bringing a deeper understanding of how treatments can best be applied.

Furthermore, cardiac PACS is taking the zero-footprint approach, which involves using cloud technology. Again, this is an effort to ease the workflow process and take the burden off of IT professionals. Also, this approach comes with business continuity and disaster recovery perks that many providers currently struggle with.

Reporting With Cardiac PACS

OffSite Image Management offers technology that generates structured reports whenever an exam is completed. The data flows automatically to a reporting system and finds the place where it needs to go. Most radiology departments don’t have it and only a handful of providers offer this service.

At OffSite, we can provide that through a cloud environment. Our customers don’t have to have onsite infrastructure or hardware – we can provide this to them. One of the benefits of choosing our solution is that we provide services that are customized to fit the needs of our customers. As an added bonus, we offer unlimited users, unlimited exams and unlimited readers. 

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