Most healthcare organizations have adopted at least some cloud native applications. And while others are still wondering if cloud computing and PACS cloud processes are right for their radiology practice, you have to consider the advantages of working in the cloud:

  • Cost control – You have fewer capital expenditures with a cloud-based PACS. Plus, you spend less on IT, as all the maintenance and updates are handled by your PACS cloud vendor.
  • It’s scalable – The cloud-based model comes with the option to scale up at your own pace, fast or slow. The resources vendors have are numerous, much more so than what you can provide yourself with an on-premise solution.
  • Fast access – Because it’s a cloud-based model, all you need is an internet connection and your data is at your fingertips in seconds.
  • Disaster recovery solutions are plentiful.
  • Maintenance and upgrades are ongoing with little to no obsolescence.
  • HIPAA compliance issues require top-notch security to keep your data safe.

Boost Your Power to Process

Processing-on-demand is one of the biggest perks of PACS cloud solutions. This gives you the power to speed up your interpretations, which is vital today, as new technologies have increased the volume of images radiologists receive per day. With faster interpretations comes the possibility of higher profits.

Part of the reason for the faster exam readings is that radiologists are bringing in applications that allow for quicker analysis, such as artificial intelligence and predictive analytics technologies.

Improve Your Workflow

PACS cloud technology, given that maintenance and updates are handled by the vendor, gives your IT staff more time to focus on elements of your business that are truly valuable. That alone can help to boost your workflow, but you also have to keep in mind that PACS cloud technology includes collaborative improvements that make it easier for you to store, access and share images.

Data Security

Don’t buy into the myth that your data is only safe when it’s stored on-premise. In 2018, almost 4.5 million records were compromised due to breaches. Guess how many of those were cloud based? The answer is none.

When you choose a PACS cloud vendor, you’re getting access to heightened security technology, which protects you from cyber criminals. Furthermore, the disaster recovery options are an added bonus, which means regardless of what natural disaster is occurring in your region, your data will be secure in the cloud.

At OffSite Image Management, we know that your PACS should support your needs now and in the years to come. Furthermore, our approach values customization, which is why you should get the PACS that works for you, not the other way around.

Contact us today and let’s talk about how our approach to cloud-based PACS can improve your workflow and save you money.