There is always something driving innovation, and in radiology, that “something” is the volume of imaging data and a need to integrate at a higher level. Cloud-based technologies are increasingly being looked at as a source for driving more integration and managing workflows more efficiently. Of note in recent trends, cloud Radiology Information Systems (cloud RIS) is a network suite of software that is the conduit to more manageable workflows.

The benefits of cloud RIS include cost savings and better risk protections, including disaster recovery. Cloud RIS gives radiology departments more flexibility in deploying and maintaining solutions without having an on-site technician.


Natural disasters can strike at any moment. Hurricanes occur with more frequency and force in the southern and eastern seashores, wildfires threaten much of the West Coast, and the Midwest is hammered by tornadoes and flooding with regularity. Cloud RIS relies on multiple datacenters to keep data out of harm’s way. Should a natural disaster strike in one area, the data is safe in another.

Better Patient Care

With broader interoperability in the cloud comes better patient care. Integrating with other systems offers patients more conveniences, such as less wait time and fewer duplicate examinations. Furthermore, patients can gain access to their images remotely through a secure URL, which is in line with patients’ desire to be more proactive in their healthcare.

Money Matters

Radiology technology is a multi-billion-dollar industry. Despite all the money being tossed around, there are budgetary concerns among smaller facilities where the dollar doesn’t stretch very far. Despite having fewer resources, patients have the same needs as those in urban centers, which means access to the best technology is a requirement.

Even if they could afford the personnel to manage radiology technology and perform updates, rural areas are historically underserved when it comes to qualified people to manage these tasks. Cloud RIS makes that a moot point because the updates and maintenance are all handled from afar. This represents a significant alleviation of the cost burden, as well as the personnel struggles.

While cloud-based services have been around for years, the healthcare community is still picking up on the advantage of partnering with vendors for various cloud-based services, including cloud RIS.

At OffSite Image Management, our focus has always been on the critical access and specialty hospitals and clinics that need access to top-notch radiology technology. Our cloud-based approach includes PACS solutions, archiving and disaster recovery and several other highly touted services that lead the cloud-based radiology industry. Contact us for more information about how we can protect your data, make it more accessible to those who need to see it and many other solutions that impact workflow.