If you look back to where you were with your radiology technology a decade ago, do you think you could have imagined back then where you are today? Now, think 10 years into the future and what do you see? It’s true that it’s difficult, if not impossible, to predict what will happen, but what radiologists realize today is that the path forward for medical imaging includes an enterprise approach.

Creating Value

Everything you do in the work environment is ultimately based on creating value. You can create value by improving workflow, improving medical imaging technology and interpretation, and in the way you store and access images.

Radiologists have been at the forefront of taking an enterprise approach to creating value. They have used the radiology environment to meet goals based on outcomes at the enterprise level and at the patent level. They’ve achieved this through working toward adopting and developing reporting systems, higher functioning PACS and RIS and working through all the challenges involved with electronic medical records.

More recently, medical imaging professionals have adopted technologies that allow them the luxury of no longer having to burn images into CDs or DVDs. This approach utilizes cloud-based technology, which completely replaces its burning devices.

Dealing with Challenges

Bringing in new technology isn’t without its challenges. For example, telemedicine has exploded in recent times, particularly because of the pandemic.  People have encountered accountability issues and just an overall feeling that once they send off their exams, they don’t know exactly where they are in the process until the results are delivered.

Rather than have absolutely no control of an exam that has experienced a status change, cloud-based options have become available that offer more accountability, more insight into the process and the ability to change the priorities of exams without hesitation.

At OffSite Image Management, we’ve established a teleradiology solution called TeleRAD360 that gives medical imaging experts more control. If you’re using an outdated platform, it’s time to look into our solution, which gives total exam accountability back to the hospitals.

We have unlocked the power of visibility with TeleRAD360, empowering radiologists, imaging facilities, urgent care centers and hospitals with cutting-edge capabilities for efficient and accountable patient care. We offer analytics tools that enable providers to strategically manage and analyze their imaging processes. Armed with the functionality that has made our solution a huge hit, customers are able to create value and grow.

Visit our TeleRAD360 page and get more information about how this solution will streamline your workflow.