Elective outpatient imaging studies have fallen off by as much as 70% over the course of the pandemic, and CT and MRI exams are right up there, dropping as much as 65%, according to numbers from five major academic centers. But the rebound will be dramatic, especially as the landscape is evolving. Medical imaging professionals are increasingly showing interest in remote viewing technology to help ease the coming workflow increase.

And while there has been a decline in many in-person medical imaging studies, which is a response to the virus and the need to keep radiology staff safe, outpatient imaging centers are establishing a new normal where the lessons learned during the pandemic will transform the workplace into the foreseeable future, if not forever. This will include a more focused approach on offering remote medical imaging services.

Addressing the Backlog

The postponed appointments, which were deemed elective during the pandemic, are still important to patients who rely on medical imaging to provide their doctors with insights that lead to preventative care and solutions for ongoing health issues. As these appointments begin to be rescheduled, providers are concerned about possible backlogs.

The silver lining here is that radiology departments have time to prepare so they don’t feel swamped when their services are in high demand. Telehealth services have, for years, been a benefit to doctors and patients alike to improve workflow and increase efficiency. With cloud-based workstations, radiologists can utilize telehealth technology, including mobile applications, to their advantage.

The industry average for scans to be analyzed and reported is 30 minutes, but with teleradiology technology provided by the right vendor, many scans can be analyzed and reported in under 10 minutes.

Taking Care of Today’s Needs and Tomorrow’s Concerns

Long before the pandemic pushed the need for social distancing, there have been teleradiology solutions offering an improved way to expand networks, especially for rural medical practices. At OffSite Image Management, we’ve engineered solutions for our rural providers, giving them new and efficient ways to make electronic transmission of medical imaging.

We know the medical community is looking for more mobility, but they’re often finding solutions that offer mobility without accountability. That’s why we came up with TeleRad360 – the teleradiology solution that brings cloud diagnostic viewing, report distribution, imaging workplace management and integrated RIS to our customers.

With all the tools provided in TeleRad360, users get the power of visibility, which means they’re also finding more accountability in the process. We’re empowering radiologists, imaging facilities and urgent care centers and hospitals with cutting-edge capabilities. If you’re looking for a way to strategically manage and analyze your imaging business and find improved efficiency, compliance and growth, contact us and let’s talk about how our solutions will meet those needs.