While an essential service, radiologists don’t have to put themselves at risk during a pandemic while reading exams and providing analysis of them. Often crowded in a room with other people while reading their reports, quarters can be too close in these challenging times. Moving to a teleradiology model is an option that allows radiologists to still provide quality services while working from anywhere.

When all your staff is working within close quarters, if one person on the staff becomes ill, there’s a good chance the illness could shut down the office. This situation becomes an even more crucial one when you take into account the age of the radiologists. For those ages 65 and older, which are considered among the most at-risk for suffering the worst effects of this pandemic, distancing is so important.

The Purpose of Teleradiology

Teleradiology has been of great service to healthcare professionals long before the current pandemic took effect. The goal of this service has been to provide patients with a better level of care, but it has also served as a great supplement for on-site radiology, especially in offices where the technology has fallen behind and a third party provider of radiology services can provide valuable solutions.

For those who have experienced changed priorities and need to put one exam before another that has been sent out for a teleradiologist to read, there was traditionally no real way to make that happen. Fortunately, there are teleradiology providers that have vastly improved their offerings to improve those kinds of bottleneck challenges.

Better Visibility

Accountability hasn’t always been synonymous with teleradiology. For many providers, adopting a teleradiology service comes with an element of the unknown – they don’t know exactly where the exam is going, what stage it’s in on any particular day or exactly when they’ll get their results back.

A beam of light for customers from large to small hospitals, urban or rural, is OffSite Image Management’s teleradiology solution, which assists them in gaining more visibility, more accountability and provide an overall better customer experience.

With TeleRad360, we’re putting trust back into the hands of the healthcare provider who needs quick and easy access to their imaging results. When our clients sign up for our teleradiology services, they get the following:

  • Visibility
  • Analytics
  • More Control
  • Reports
  • Cloud Dictation
  • Built-in RIS
  • HL7
  • Cloud Technology

If you have missed the power of visibility and feel like you just don’t have control anymore, check out what our solution has to offer, then let’s talk about how we can improve your level of care while saving you money.