If you’re looking for a “game-changer” in your approach to better image management, cloud PACS has been a key switch for many facilities. Cloud PACS differs from regular PACS in the way data is stored and accessed, and this is just part of what has turned so many heads in radiology lately. When you utilize a cloud PACS solution, you’re working through a third party that has cloud-based servers and all the tools you need to improve your workflow and much more.


Cost is something everyone can relate to, and saving money by switching to this options makes this solution even more attractive. The savings come from maintenance, support and storage that are now the responsibility of the PACS vendor.

More Space

Rather than having on-site servers take up space in your facility, the expensive and bulky hardware is offsite at your vendor’s data center.

More Space for Data

Instead of adding another server to house your ever-growing amount of data, all you have to do when you need more room with a cloud PACS is rely on your vendor to store it for you, as they have access to massive data centers where space is not a problem.

Safer Storage

You might think your data is securely housed on your on-site servers, but vendors make security a top priority and have Level V 4 or 5 data centers with physical security and monitoring capabilities that keep the cyber criminals out of your data while it’s on the server.

Low-to-No Maintenance

Maintenance is part of the package when you work with a cloud PACS vendor, because just about everything that needs maintained is in their facility, not yours. This leaves your on-site IT personnel open for taking care of mission-critical tasks.

Easy Image Access

This has to be one of the biggest perks of utilizing cloud PACS – easy access to your images and data. Whether it’s vendor neutral archiving technology or telehealth technology, you’re going to have images in front of you when you need and where you need them.

When you work with OffSite Image Management, you’re getting a cloud PACS solution that is based on the latest DICOM standards. We make it easy for you to access patient exams and data and multiple locations at any time.

Because facilities differ on what they need out of their PACS, we offer different service packages. We also assist healthcare providers that prefer a hybrid approach with our “all-in-one hybrid solution” that includes hardware, software, structured reporting and storage. Contact us today and let’s discuss what you need to reach your goals and we’ll help you get there.