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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Admin Support?

Management and oversite for the PACS, all periphrial items and department workflow. Support is provided during business hour.

What is a Browser Agnostic Viewer?

Our Zero Footprint Diagnostic Cloud Viewer is interoperable amoung any HTML5 compliant Web Browser. Ex. Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.. Also including mobile browsers as well.

What is Software Non-Obsolesence?

All software purchases include One Year warranty. With the purchase of annual software warranty customer is guaranteed to receive unlimitted upgrades & updates, for the lifetime of the agreement.

*All software is Supported 24×7.

What is a CloudPACS?

Offsite’s CloudPACS is the same PACS system that we use in our EnterprisePACS soution with the exception of the PACS Server being hosted in our Commercial Datacenter. This solution is most useful for facilities who do not want the overhead of hardware costs.