Organizations in every industry have embraced new technologies living in the cloud, and this includes healthcare. If your radiology department is struggling with managing images, implementing a cloud PACS solution is the way to improve your workflow.

The best cloud PACS solutions come with mobile apps, giving imaging specialists unparalleled access to tools that make their jobs easier, improve patient care and even save money.

Reasons for Adopting Cloud PACS

There is the practical component to choosing a cloud PACS solution, such as improving workflow, but there is also the financial aspect of it – many adopters of this technology see monetary gains after adopting/implementing cloud PACS, which is mostly seen via the software-as-a-function or on-demand software services that are maintained via the cloud provider, which means your IT team can spend more time on mission-critical and local tasks.

Electronic health records (EHR) have been adopted widely by healthcare providers, large and small. When you partner with the right vendor of cloud-based solutions, integrating with EHRs is alarmingly easy compared to outdated methods.

There is also flexibility in regard to the data storage – scaling up or down as needed – and therefore only paying for what you’re using.

Referral Improvements

More than ever before, patients are seeking out assistance from multiple medical professionals. Radiologists have always dealt with referrals, but with the cloud-based solutions, they see an immediate improvement in referral services.

Not only are radiologists expected to provide accurate and fast image readings, but they’re also being asked to play a larger, more collaborative role in patient care management. Fortunately, with the tools offered in top cloud PACS, this collaborative role is easier to manage.

Choosing the Right Vendor

Your needs are going to differ from those of radiologists across town or even across the street, which is why a one-size-fits-all solution is not going to work for you. For example, there is no need for you to pay for unlimited storage if you’re a smaller facility that doesn’t generate terabytes of data every month.

The right vendor will offer service packages that speak directly to your needs. For example, smaller facilities often require a hybrid solution where the software is included, and they have structured reporting available to them, but they don’t need unlimited routing or multiple FDA-approved workstations.

At OffSite, we’ve established three service packages that work for our small, medium and larger providers. From Power PACS to Cloud PACS to Enterprise PACS, check out what each has to offer, and you’ll know exactly what will be right for you. As a leader in cloud-based radiology solutions, OffSite is ready to assist you today as you embrace cloud PACS, so contact us now.