Offsite Services

We offer several managed and hosted services. All our services operate indipendently from each other, This allows you to only use the services that you need.

Our Services

Everything You’ll Need

Mdality Worklist

By using our Worklist, consistent data is maintained throughout all medical imaging systems.

DICOM Routing

Send to every destiantion you need in just one click. Yes, it’s that easy.

HL7 Interfaces

Our HL7 interface services range from relays to report converting for DICOM storage.

Image Exchange

Ever need to share an image set with another facility? Say good-bye to headache and cost of CD burning.

DICOM Manipulation

Mass DICOM header manipulation; strip any data out or add any data in.

DICOM Migration

Need to migrate your PACS? Our Migration tool is for any image archive migration.

Vendor Neutral Archive

We offer many departments and practices seamless image storing and archiving capabilities across any PACS


No more compatibility issues when reading in external patient media at the front desk.

Q/A Workstation

Selecting the appropriate DICOM viewer is key for physicians who frequently read medical imaging studies.

Providing you consistant & reliable uptime

We Give You the Stats You Need to Optimize User Experience

We Make Security & Privacy One of Our Top Priorities

What WE Do

Dedicated services is what we do and we are really good at it.

Uptime Guarantee

Our Services are hosted on multi-redundancy platforms ensuring 100% uptime, never down, always avialable.

Dedicated Support

Our Support services are ready 24/7. Our mulitichannel support layer and our Support Service Desk are ready to help get you going.

Secure Backups

We know that redundancy is important to any deparmtnet. That is why we incorportate backups within all our services to ensure maximum uptime.

Safe & Secure

Our hosted service run in our dedicated environment, in our privatly owned datacenter. No sharing resources with AWS or Microsoft Azure. Your department will have dedicated resources.