Disaster Recovery Planning Doesn’t Have to be Difficult

disaster recovery planningHow many stories have you heard about healthcare providers who failed to maintain a proper disaster recovery planning ethic? There is a better way to back up your business, and it is increasingly becoming more cloud based.

The truth is, there are so many unpredictable events that can occur that your data on your PACS server is always at risk. It could be a server failure, hacking, or disasters such as fire, flood, massive storms and human error. The question every image management IT worker needs to ask themselves is how long can the people who rely on those medical images to do their job go without access to them? The answer is almost always, “not very long,” which means you need to have your system up and running and images available at a moment’s notice.

You may have a room set aside where you store thousands of CDs on which your images are backed up. Perhaps it’s a bank of external hard drives. Regardless, these are not exemplary methods of backing up data in cases of disaster. Having an offsite solution that uses vendor neutral processes for easy viewing is the best option.

The best offsite image management companies are using real-time backup solutions so you can retrieve images immediately. Through either integrating with existing PACS or choosing another modality you can have continuous stream of your images, as you need them. The best offsite vendors are able to guarantee 99.9 percent uptime, due in part to their disaster recovery planning that involves duplicating image files at multiple locations so that when disaster strikes one area, it won’t affect your images stored at a different geographical location.

The best vendors are also services without revolving costs, migration fees or hidden charges that can price many healthcare providers, especially rural ones, out of an offsite solution. Not only are you able to cut costs, you’re also minimizing risks – all through outsourcing the situation to a company that specializes in offsite, cloud-based archiving and access services.

At OffSite Image Management, Inc., we’re offering a backup PACS and storage solution that will keep your healthcare professionals in touch with any image they need at any time. We do this by offering the following:

  • Two Level 4 data centers
  • Real-time data replication
  • Accepting all compliant compression ratios
  • End-to-end, 127-bit encryption
  • Point-in-time recovery
  • All data is stored in dual clustered server environment, which is back up to continuous and redundant media

At OffSite, we don’t just replicate data – we back up the full system. In fact, we can back up any existing PACS on the market today, and with a predictable, budget-friendly pricing model. We only have our clients pay for what they use, and in most cases, we can guarantee a savings over what they are currently paying for management services. Contact us today and let’s discuss your disaster recovery plan and how ours will keep you up and running regardless of what technical glitches you experience or what natural disasters hit you.