Vendor neutral archiving (VNA) is a technology that has provided the healthcare industry with a new way to dismantle data silos and create a path around barriers that have historically limited access to imaging. It’s only been over the last decade that VNA has made a splash in medical imaging, but there are ways to use it more effectively.

Working With EMR

Electronic medical records (EMR) are a standard that every healthcare provider has to work with. Fully-optimized VNA has to integrate with EMR. In fact, guidelines dictate that your imaging reports have to be uploaded to a patient portal within 24 hours of the exam, so you have to make sure your VNA will function as an image repository for your EMR.

24/7 Availability

Given that practically every department in a traditional hospital relies on medical imaging to one degree or another, availability/access to imaging is a high priority. Unfortunately, disparate hardware and software can prevent the free flow of information from one department to the next, which is another reason optimizing your VNA is important.

While some vendors claim their VNA will do this, providers often find out there are limitations, which is why the term “true” VNA has been coined to describe technology that will enable every department within a hospital and those at satellite locations the ability to store and access images and related data. With VNA embedded in every department, the limitations become non-existent.

Work With The Right Vendor

The origin of your images should not be an obstacle when it comes to viewing. When an oncologist, orthopedist or any other specialist in your facility needs access to an image, there should be nothing getting in the way of that access. When VNA is set up correctly, anyone who needs real-time access to an exam will get it.

VNA services through vendors that offer a cloud-based approach can be a quick and easy way to get the best solutions. The cloud-based approach allows for flexibility, scalability and easy access. There are also safety features built in to keep all data safe and out of the hands of cyber criminals. Furthermore, the best vendors offer solutions that are DICOM compatible and offer the complete suite of DICOM SOP classes.

At OffSite Image Management, we have established ourselves as the vendor neutral standard. Our solutions are used by many providers, giving them access to technology that provides seamless image storage and archiving capabilities across any PACS. If you’re looking for consistent and reliable uptime, heightened security and a more optimized user experience, contact us.