If you’re like most radiology professionals, you’re keeping up with the technology important to your industry, especially technology that can improve your radiology workflow, but you don’t have to completely overhaul your system to ease bottlenecks.

If the goal is to spend more time interpreting exams, technology shouldn’t be the thing getting in the way. Rather, technology should be working for you rather than against you. Unfortunately, technology comes up as one of the most commonly offered reasons for radiologists burning out. Could informatics-based changes be the key to improving your radiology workflow?

Addressing Fatigue

Researchers from Seton Hall University and Penn’s Perelman School of Medicine revealed in their study that “increased performance demands have interacted with suboptimal use of technology,” which has contributed to fatigue/burnout in radiology departments. They sought to gain a better understanding of how this happens and how to utilize technology in such a way to deter fatigue from being such a big factor.

It is believed that improved communication between radiologists can occur through informatics-based strategies. This involves a more efficient use of technology and integration processes.

Improved Practices

Researchers are focusing on some key areas where improving practices can have the most effective impact. They include the following:

  • Deconstructed PACS
    If you think of your PACS is operating under one specific application function, consider pulling that apart. For example, separate applications based on interpretation, storage, distribution and messaging capabilities. The latter application can significantly reduce bottlenecks because radiologists can communicate with each other without having to close out of studies.
  • Dictation
    Radiologists are constantly struggling to keep up, so time is of the essence. By using automated dictation, you can drastically reduce the amount of time you spend in your dictation routine.
  • AI
    Artificial intelligence is gaining ground in detecting issues related to lung studies, such as pleural effusions. AI is being used to make quick work of these and other types of studies, which means read times are, in some cases, drastically reduced.

The Power of PACS

Partnering with a cloud based PACS vendor can also ease your radiology workflow troubles with a customized solution. The best vendors will bring you the following:

  • DICOM data coercion
  • Software non-obsolescence
  • 3-D TOMOT BTO compliant solutions
  • Unlimited routing
  • Limitless exams
  • Software and hardware included
  • Structured reporting
  • Unlimited modality connections
  • PACS will be hosted in a commercial data center

At OffSite Image Management, we offer different levels of PACS solutions depending on your needs. If you’re a smaller facility with a limited budget, there are many tools that you won’t need, which means you shouldn’t be paying for them. That’s why we offer a variety of packages that will speak directly to your needs. For more information about how to ease your workflow, improve efficiency and save money, contact us today.