Rural hospitals across the United States provide a critical need, serving almost 20% of the country’s population. These hospitals are often struggling to keep up with radiology technology and personnel. And as radiology services are in greater demand, new approaches to providing this service should be explored.

While the challenges in accessibility and care standardization become more apparent, particularly in what is available in rural hospitals compared to large urban facilities, there is a need for improved image quality and diagnostic outcomes. With limited budgets adding another obstacle, partnering with the right radiology vendor becomes a priority.

Diagnostic Technology Improvements

Diagnostic imaging technology is helping providers make their services more accessible to their target audience. The result is lower costs and more positive patient outcomes. Frequently, diagnostic imaging is the first step among many that a patient embarks upon as they seek out healthcare. Having fast, reliable and quality images to read is an excellent way to kick off a patient’s path to care.

Some of the new technologies out there today include 3-D technology for mammograms. There is also 3-D whole breast ultrasound and 3T MRI, which is technology used to get better images of organs and soft tissue than regular MRIs.

Virtual Advancements

One of the benefits of bringing in new technology is that you gain access to specialists that you couldn’t formerly touch, and this includes specialized equipment that can actually help you save money. Virtual radiology is among those new technologies that will work in any type of facility, so long as you have access to Internet.

Virtual radiology is important to rural providers who have a history of lacking the highly skilled personnel in the numbers that they need. With outsourced diagnostic analysis and using remote specialists through the virtual radiology platform, the staffing issues become a non-issue.

Cloud-Based Support

If you’re using outdated platforms, consider what OffSite Image Management offers in TeleRad 360, which is a 360-degree cloud-based teleradiology solution.

Users of TeleRad gain access to quality tools, including imaging work list management, integrated RIS, report distribution, cloud diagnostic viewing and complete mobility. Radiologists become empowered when using TeleRad because they have access to cutting edge capabilities that make their workflow more efficient, providing a significant boost to patient care.

Visibility is important, because without it, you can lose track of patients. With TeleRad, you see everything that happens in a patient’s progression, from scheduling to passing the exam on to other specialists – it never gets put into a “black hole” situation.

Contact us at OffSite and let’s talk about how our radiology technology solutions will give you the boost you need.