As healthcare providers navigate the current landscape, there is plenty of apprehension and guessing about what the typical workday will involve once society gets back to normal. One thing is certain: the increased need for teleradiology is not going away.

The Remote Remedy

Remote reading has been key for many radiologists, even before the pandemic, but as COVID set in, teleradiology technology has become a staple for practically every radiologist across the nation. Rather than report to a lab or imaging center, radiologists read reports from the safety of their home offices. New York University’s Langone facility, for example, went from a 25% use of teleradiology solutions to 70% because of the pandemic.

Some hospitals, clinics and imaging centers are eager to return to pre-COVID work ways, i.e., going back to the office full-time. Others are finding efficiencies in teleradiology, which has led to a concerted effort to maintain, if not expand, teleradiology practices.

Alexander Norbash, M.D., chair and professor of radiology at the University of California at San Diego, talked about his experiences when he said recently “greater use of teleradiology can also increase provider productivity,” and that reading at home “saves commute time and gives radiologists the ability to spend more time with their families.”

Addressing Workflow

Teleradiology solutions offer an approach to workflow that can enhance productivity. Part of the reason for this is that there are more visibility and accountability throughout the entire process. For example, instead of sending off a test and having no idea where it is in the process, you gain visibility every step of the way.

Should the priority of an exam change, which is not unusual, when you work with the right vendor, you can make an alert and have your needs addressed.

At OffSite Image Management, Our TeleRad 360 solution brings accountability to the process and much more. Your exam will be available from any web-enabled PC. Furthermore, our solutions are browser agnostic and also offer a zero-footprint viewer.

The following are some other items included with our teleradiology solution:

  • Custom VR dictation templates with no limitations
  • The ability to modify according to exam orders
  • Option to upload corresponding paperwork
  • Capability to send private messages to the reading radiologist
  • The ability to review both current exams and associated priors
  • Distribute reports directly to any EMR

For more information about our approach to teleradiology, visit our TeleRad 360 page. Our solutions have assisted healthcare providers long before the pandemic. Our commitment to assisting providers, particularly those in the underserved rural areas, is evident in our structuring of TeleRad 360, which is designed to improve productivity without breaking the bank.