One of the things that radiology IT personnel need to excel at is the ability to adapt and be versatile. That’s the case in everything from analytics to interoperability in creating a more robust patient experience. Given the amount of data collected in healthcare, the approach to managing it matters a lot, especially when it comes to access.


Coordinating care ranks high on the list of areas that require improvement. This is where the ability to integrate becomes vital because there is a push to integrate diagnostics, of which radiology plays a major role. Aggregating data is part of the cycle of coordinating care in a manner that offers the provider more efficient ways of taking on their day-to-day tasks.

Using artificial intelligence (AI) has been a subject of interest when discussing improving coordination of care. For example, AI looks may be a good candidate for co-registering radiology and pathology images, which can be helpful in workflow matters.

The Analytical Makeover

Data analytics is a complex issue, and everyone seems to have a different take on how to use analytics to manage their massive amounts of data. When done correctly, operational efficiencies are gained. Many providers use analytics to track their modalities, but others are trying to find a path to improve communication through analytics, which can also be a bonus for better patient care.

Working Toward Interoperability

Some technologies seem destined to work against each other, and this is sometimes the case with radiology imaging. From department to department, disparate PACS (picture archiving communications systems) don’t line up, and this can make improving patient care unattainable.

Fortunately, vendors are working around this issue with technologies that are based in the cloud, bypassing the usual proprietary headaches, and get to the root of improving patient care.

At OffSite Image Management, our approach to interoperability gives our customers the ability to be versatile, overcome analytics issues and gain higher levels of access to data, including imaging from disparate departments.

Consider our approach to PACS. At OffSite, we offer a cloud-based method of helping you operate more efficiently. Whether it’s a PACS and teleradiology solution based on DICOM standards or our VNA (vendor neutral archiving) technology that erases the long-established boundaries between departments, your workflow can see significant improvements.

With our zero-administration approach, you don’t have to worry about daily tasks that are required to keep a high-functioning PACS up and running – we do all the work for you. This includes annual software updates.

From browser agnostic viewing technology to rule-based auto-forwarding data set solutions, OffSite provides a comprehensive approach to radiology technology that can benefit your workflow. Contact us and let’s discuss how we can improve your processes while saving you money.