Now more than ever, fast access to medical imaging is high on the list of proprieties for healthcare providers. The path to that kind of access is reliant on high-functioning PACS. If yours is putting a bottleneck in your workflow, it’s time to re-evaluate your approach.

There’s a reason the PACS market is slated for growth over the next four years – organizations are looking for patient care improvements, which means they’re in the market to replace older technologies, older methods of managing medical imaging, and adopting more modern processes. Mobile PACS was once unthinkable, but now it’s a priority.

Options for Today’s Challenges and Tomorrow’s Goals

The current focus on dealing with the impact by the pandemic has helped shaped a focus on a hybrid approach where the immediate needs can be addressed without sacrificing long-term goals. To this end, resources have become available that assist providers in monitoring diseases through CT scans, which relies on outside assistance, as this type of expertise is fairly limited, particularly in rural areas and in smaller hospitals and clinics where human resources are scarce.

Another way to meet today’s challenges while not losing the long-term focus is through mobile diagnostic imaging services. This technology is providing radiologists with more collaborative avenues for improved treatment.

Improved PACS

Another step in the right direction is improved PACS solutions, some of which are cloud-based. The top vendors of cloud-based PACS offer the following tools and services:

  • On-site diagnostic workstation
  • Browser agnostic viewing
  • DICOM data coercion
  • Modality worklist
  • Software non-obsolescence
  • 3D TOMOT BTO compliance
  • Unlimited routing
  • HL7 ORU interface
  • Structural reporting

At OffSite Image Management, we offer all those perks and more. And while our PACS solutions put our clients in a great position to meet today’s pressing needs, our PACS tools have been in place since long before the current situation facing many healthcare providers.

Our Offsite PACS Systems are assisting radiology professionals who rely on medical imaging with a more stable system that doesn’t cause any downtime. If you have complex medical imaging requirements, our platform will meet all those needs.

While we’re competitively priced and can often save our clients’ money while boosting their levels of patient care, we’ve also developed add-ons and modules to our lineup of technology, such as a DICOM router for image compression and workflow management, iQ-Web for teleradiology and image distribution and tools to capture images from analog and digital video sources.

Even the most budget-conscious providers will find efficiencies in working with our PACS technology, so contact us and let’s discuss a custom fit for your organization.