Radiology professionals in North America are leading the way in recognizing the value in vendor neutral archiving (VNA) technology, taking the lion’s share of the market. These same individuals are also leading the market share in implementing more advanced PACS. What’s driving this digital tidal wave?

In some respects, a focus on tighter security is helping to push more healthcare professionals to secure channels, such as PACS delivered via cloud-based vendors. There is a call among radiology professionals to adopt technologies that allow them to store their clinician data in a secure place that is also accessible when needed. But these are only portions of the reasons more and more providers are choosing updated PACS.

PACS To The Rescue

Radiology departments are a vital resource throughout the cycle of a typical patient’s healthcare routine. With the regularity of improved radiology technologies, there is often a backlog of cases. PACS providers are stepping up to make sure that backlog is more efficiently handled, giving facilities the chance to grow with fewer speed bumps in the way.

While there is a strain on resources, medical professionals are looking for ways to take the pressure off of themselves, but they’re also looking for solutions that give them a chance at providing better patient care and lessen the chance of clinician burnout. With the right PACS tools at your disposal, these become attainable.

Highly advanced PACS systems are not only for the largest providers in the market – small clinics and rural critical access hospitals are getting into the mix, most effectively through a cloud-based provider.

Lowering the Cost

Most rural hospitals and specialty clinics are limited in regard to funding and qualified professionals, which means establishing an onsite PACS system and all the technology one would require to meet the needs of local patients is very difficult, because it’s expensive and takes trained professionals to maintain and update.

Through cloud-based PACS vendors, these smaller healthcare providers can gain access to the same tools the larger, urban-based hospitals have access to, but without the headaches of onsite upkeep.

And there is a lot more than just PACS that these entities have access to. The best cloud-based vendors offer near-comprehensive coverage of radiology technologies, from teleradiology to VNA to mammography solutions.

OffSite’s Value

At OffSite Image Management, we offer solutions that can help rural and specialty organizations that need top-notch PACS technology and other radiology solutions that ease the workflow issues, give customers access to leading technology and improve patient care.

Because we know all facilities have different needs, we offer different levels of technology related to our PACS solutions. For the smallest facilities with limited budgets and no real need for all the bells and whistles associated with the most advanced systems, we have a tier of PACS solutions that will be perfect for helping you reach your goals. This includes all the hardware and software you’ll need, structured reporting, import documents and an all-in-on FDA workstation.

Contact us and let’s discuss what you need and which PACS tier will work best for your radiology requirements.