vendor neutral archiving servicesMarch is a big month for racecar fans as the Trans Am Road Racing Series gets underway. Since its inception in 1966, the series has thrilled spectators at speedways as American V8 sedans such as the Mustang, Camaro, Cougar, Challenger and Firebird zoom around the track. Fortunately, OffSite Image Management, Inc., will again sponsor a team and proudly display OffSite logos on a racecar.

Driver Ron Keith is at it again this year, this time with a new car and a new team. The OffSite logo will appear at racetracks in the Midwest, in the South and in the Northeast. The pairing of OffSite with a race team is completely logical, given the attention to speed each organization has focused on for years. While Keith and his team prime the car’s engine for more horsepower, the professionals at OffSite are building safer, reliable and faster solutions for healthcare professionals who need their medical imaging archived and shared with ease.

OffSite offers radiology solutions to the medical industry that are critically important to diagnosis process and the quality of care physicians and radiologists provide their patients. Using a racing analogy – OffSite views the old radiology work processes that employ old technology like CD burning much like drivers might compare a Model T to the high-powered machines they drive today that can deliver as much as 850 horsepower.

The Trans Am Series features three racing classes, from TA1 to TA3. They’re all high powered and feature Camaros, Mustangs, Challengers and Corvettes with various types of frames and engines. OffSite also offers variety, including levels of service that suit just about any budget. Rural providers continue to seek out OffSite because they are only charged for what they use, and for a rural hospital with a very tight budget, this is exactly what organizations this size need.

The Trans Am series, despite being nearly 50 years old, continues to develop fans. OffSite, though relatively new to the industry, also continues to develop a strong base of clients and “fans” beyond the borders of Missouri where the company is based. In fact, OffSite is developing into an industry leader with new milestones being set on a frequent basis.

One of the ways OffSite has turned so many heads is because of the company focus on true vendor neutral archiving services that so many healthcare IT professionals are talking about today. There are many reasons for this chatter, not the least of which is the need for adhering to various rules and regulations over electronic health records. The different phases of Meaningful Use are also having an impact on the healthcare industry, as radiologists must digitally provide a detailed report with 24 hours of an examination. OffSite’s vendor neutral archiving services are giving providers a shot at complying with Meaningful Use.

The OffSite logo sped around the track in Florida when the Trans Am Series kicked off March 1. Keep an eye out for the racing team and OffSite’s vendor neutral archiving services, both entities will continue to speed to success throughout 2015.