As the world braces for the impact of a pandemic of large proportions, healthcare providers remain on the front line, coming in face-to-face contact with victims of the Coronavirus and taking as many measures as possible to protect themselves while serving the general public. OffSite Image Management is doing its part to assist.

Radiology has a big part to play in response to COVID-19, as patients present with breathing issues that require scans and chest CTs. As providers need to get a closer look at what’s going on in the lungs, preparedness is going to a new, unprecedented level.

Radiology Preparedness

To ensurethe onslaught of patients is met with a positive response, radiology departments are following a set of policies and procedures that will help them to maintain their workflow, despite what is almost certain to be a situation of epic proportions. These policies and procedures are designed to help radiologists support their patients that are positive for COVID-19 and maintain support for others in need of radiology technology.

Some of the top priorities for those who are helping design these policies and procedures include the following:

  • Develop a coordinated effort to improve messaging between radiology and infection control leaders in the hospital
  • Develop a screening process for people potentially infected with COVID-19 and have this process ready for them as they enter the facility
  • Have isolation areas for those possibly infected
  • Train employees how to follow protocols related to infected individuals
  • Train employees on proper personal protective equipment usage
  • Suspend any work-related travel, domestic or international
  • Opt for video conferencing between staff member instead of face-to-face meetings

Utilize Technology for Better Workflow

Current projections say that most hospitals in areas hardest hit will not have enough beds for sick patients. This will impact every part of the hospital, which is why having a handle on your workflow process now will be critical in the coming weeks.

OffSite Image Management, long before a situation such as the Coronavirus came around, developed technology that is designed to assist radiology departments in streamlining their workflow, manage image files with greater speed and accuracy, and at less cost and effort by on-site IT staff. We recognize that now may not be a time you want to start with a new solution, but it’s  important to note that we are providing services that can help your facility save lives.

Our solutions are already in line with the times, particularly where the social distancing component is concerned. You can use our solutions to access critical records and images remotely, while maintaining a safe and secure comprehensive database for wherever your radiological team ends up working during the crisis, and much more. Contact us and let’s discuss how we can help you navigate these increasingly difficult times.