Streamlining the workflow has many positive side effects, and with the trends hitting the market now, patient and radiology professional satisfaction are set to improve. What’s hitting the cardiac PACS market includes a movement toward making data accessible in one location. This is made possible, in part, through analytics software that can mine data more efficiently. Having easier access to data is helping to save money, but also improve charge capture.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is making an impact in industries far and wide, and radiology is no exception. Manual tasks that were once time consuming, costly and caused bottlenecks in workflow, are now being completed with AI. Furthermore, AI is being used to set up alerts for various medical professionals, from doctors to administrators, whenever there is an issue that needs to be addressed. This technology is also extremely valuable for radiology IT personnel who are able to better manage their systems.

Zero Footprint Improvements

As it becomes more cost effective to seek out cloud-based technology for what was once thought manageable through an on-premise-only setup. Cardiac PACS, through cloud-based infrastructures, are part of this zero footprint approach.

Rather than have on-site IT personnel manage every aspect of the hardware and software, cloud-based vendors are taking on the responsibilities, offering a zero footprint approach for radiology departments in regard to administrative duties.

Some of the tools that come with the cloud-based cardiac PACS approach allow for more effective methods of on-call work. A clinical cardiologist will tell you that the worst part of the job is being on call. With cloud-based remote image viewing tools, that stress of being on call is reduced.

Because there are options in which cloud-based PACS vendor you can choose, you need to take stock in what you currently have, how it can be integrated into your vendor’s solutions and what other tools they provide that will be of great use to you.

For example, will your vendor give you the power to take in comprehensive cardiovascular data in real-time? Do they have the natively integrated modules for more effective workflow solutions? Will billing, analytics and inventory management sync with other components of your PACS?

At OffSite Image Management, our groundbreaking technology has left no stone unturned. We work with our customers to ensure a smooth transition to a cloud-based methodology. Our experience after years of providing cardiac PACS is that our customers realize vast improvements in their workflow, radiologists’ burn out rate is significantly diminished, patient care improves and money is saved. Find out more about how we can make this happen for you by contacting us today.