OffSite Image Management DICOM Solutions Chosen for Pilot Program

Providers today are faced with many challenges in sharing and archiving medicalDICOM images. Fortunately, leaders in the field are coming together to establish a solution. Spearheading the effort today is the Kansas Health Information Network (KHIN), which recently announced that 10 members were selected to participate in a pilot program that will serve as a model for how to share DICOM images.

The 10 members will be testing solutions engineered by the professionals at OffSite Image Management, Inc., Our model builds on the DIRECT secure messaging functionality. This is the solution that has been widely available over the last year or more in certified electronic health records. We also specialize in cloud-based technology that deals with DICOM images, which makes our company an excellent choice for this initiative. Physicians and hospitals can use this cloud-based technology to download images, view images and receive images through their PACS system.

There is a lot of anticipation for this initiative as sharing radiology images through our cloud-based solutions has been proven to reduce cost while improving the care patients receive. For instance, with our solutions, there is less need for test duplication, and because this is a cloud-based solution, providers only pay for what they need to use.

Our clients have found that physicians can make their diagnoses earlier, which means treatment begins sooner. Furthermore, patients become more involved in their treatments as they have secure access to their records through our server.

The following hospitals will be part of the KHIN Image Sharing program:

  • Kearny County Hospital in Lakin
  • Atchison Hospital in Atchison
  • Holton Community Hospital in Holton
  • Ransom Memorial Hospital in Ottawa
  • Russell Regional Hospital in Russell
  • Pratt Regional Hospital in Pratt
  • Leavenworth Kansas City Imaging in Kansas City
  • Hodgeman County Health in Jetmore
  • West Wichita Family Physicians and Via Christi, both in Wichita

If you’re not familiar with KHIN, it’s a provider-led 501(c)3 that offers providers and medical organizations in Kansas with a secure way to electronically exchange health-related information. The goal of the organization is to improve quality, efficiency and coordination in healthcare throughout Kansas. KHIN operates under the philosophy that barriers should be removed when it comes to providers sharing information that leads to better patient outcomes.

OffSite is a natural fit with a pilot program such as this because the company has developed industry-leading, cloud-based, off site solutions that includes vendor neutral archiving, off site data storage and business continuity, picture archiving communication system solutions, health image exchange solutions and Virtual CD, a cloud management system that effectively eliminates any need for CD burning technology, which many providers are using today.

OffSite has a great deal of experience in dealing with rural providers and their DICOM images, which is another reason the company is a good match for the Kansas exchange program. For more information about OffSite and our solutions, contact us today.