Just as businesses in all industries are becoming more customer-centric, healthcare facilities are taking a more serious approach to improve the patient experience, creating more positive outcomes. For professionals in medical imaging, they’re focusing on key areas like improving workflows that benefit radiologists and patients alike.

While healthcare facilities are inching their way back to a more “normal” patient experience, telehealth initiatives that took off when the pandemic began are likely to remain part of the key to improved patient care. For those who were new to telehealth solutions such as teleradiology, they have realized the benefits of these technologies. This is the reason healthcare professionals are expected to maintain a dual method of care where in-person consultations and teleradiology solutions will define the path going forward.

With remote solutions, there is also an influx of remote patient monitoring technology that connects patients with their healthcare professionals. These devices record any situations going on with the patient and the information is then sent to the doctor/specialist. This assists in developing a customized solution for improving health.

Keeping Patients Informed

Many patients today want their healthcare providers to provide a patient portal where they can access their medical records, including medical imaging and reports. It’s safe to say that today’s patient is more involved in their health management than ever before. To meet this demand, there are tools for patients to become more educated about what’s available to them.

Patients also seek out healthcare guidance from multiple professionals, so they might go from their primary care physician to a radiologist to an imaging specialist, all of whom will want access to their medical imaging. Working with the right vendor can give you unfettered access to your images, allowing you to share with everyone who has a stake in the patients’ care.

Choosing Cloud-Based Vendors

From cloud PACS to teleradiology, there are many services that can improve how you view and manage imaging. When you partner with a vendor that builds solutions specifically for radiology, you have a better chance at getting more value for the money spent.

For example, your PACS should support your needs for years to come, which means your PACS should be customized to fit your unique situation. Whether it’s helping you to maintain your current business or build on it, your PACS should be flexible enough to meet your demands as they evolve.

Teleradiology services will differ from one vendor to another, which is why you want to choose one that gives you more visibility into the process, which has long been an issue with this type of technology.

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