Healthcare professionals often struggle with “giving up control” of their imaging through cloud-based technologies, but this also means that they often embrace antiquated technology typical of on-premise solutions for medical imaging. For those who have embraced new platforms that live on the cloud, sometimes solely and sometimes in a hybrid model, the advantages are convincing.

In the worst-case-scenarios with outdated solutions, providers are only gaining access to text-based reports. And while these reports are a critical part of the data, the lack of medical imaging is a substantial omission.

Newfound Cloud Interest

Had it not been for the pandemic and the resulting challenges to meet imaging needs, particularly those of remote workers, the interest for cloud-based medical imaging solutions might not be where it is today. For facilities that had not fully embraced cloud technology but adopted it for the first time during the pandemic, they found that the solutions tore down barriers like never before and began gaining access to images without interruption and from just about anywhere.

These facilities found that improvements in teamwork, workflow and a higher level of patient care were among the biggest advantages. Furthermore, rather than being tied to their viewing stations in the office/imaging center, they were viewing images and other data from afar.

From CDs to the Cloud

The inefficiency of CD burning technology used to store and share images has long been a source of frustration for medical imaging teams. The technology, while groundbreaking when it hit the scene a generation ago, has somehow kept a hold on too many radiology departments. CDs are often improperly burned, get lost or stolen, become damaged in transit, or are unreadable with the wrong equipment. Cloud-based technology has given these radiology departments a reason to finally move away from CD technology.

It’s not unusual for a facility to find that they have wasted hours and hours of time with their CD technology after they’ve adopted a cloud-based viewing solution. And rather than waiting for a CD in the mail or for a patient to act as a courier and drop it off from one specialist to the next, the information is available immediately online.

The Telehealth Advantage

The shift to telehealth has certainly seen a spike in recent months. Teleradiology is no exception. With quality vendors rolling out new solutions or medical imaging professionals finally embracing telehealth technology that’s been available for years, the interest has certainly been renewed.

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