A pervasive thought is running through the healthcare community – are we at risk of becoming bogged down by the current state of the technological infrastructure. There is such a wide range of medical imaging modalities in use, so many electronic health record applications and other complex technologies, can we even keep up with the pace of care delivery?

There’s nothing like a global pandemic to help light a fire under an already flammable situation. And while it’s true that some of the more subtle weaknesses have been easier to spot because of the many challenges the pandemic has helped to spur, there has also been a focus on already established technologies that were brought in to handle some of these issues, such as teleradiology, and will likely remain long after the pandemic subsides.

Real-Time Care

Gartner, a research and advisory company well known for its accurate surveys and analysis, has proclaimed that the healthcare industry is moving toward more real-time care processes, but the pace toward it has really stepped up during the pandemic. What does this mean for your PACS? That’s the question many have now, as the traditional medical imaging model doesn’t live up to the real-time demands.

In order to gain access to data in real-time, a more flexible process will be required, such as cloud-based technologies, including cloud PACS. The best vendors offer a variety of tools in their cloud PACS, including a browser-agnostic viewer and multiple FDA-approved workstations, which fits perfectly into the “real-time” demands of today. On-site diagnostic workstations, DICOM data coercion and unlimited routing capabilities also add to the value of cloud PACS.

Telehealth Advantages

Another technology helping to lift the healthcare industry out of the potential quagmire regarding the pace of care delivery is teleradiology. While not a newcomer to the industry, teleradiology didn’t become as widely implemented until the pandemic hit. Forced with social distancing requirements, medical imaging specialists needed a solution to allow them to continue working, but safely.

The best teleradiology solutions outperform outdated platforms and give total exam accountability back to the hospitals. Rather than sending off your images into what seems like a black hole, you can have total visibility, which improves the accountability issue that many associates with a problematic teleradiology workflow.

At OffSite Image Management, we offer teleradiology and cloud PACS solutions that have made us a go-to vendor for medical imaging solutions. With our TeleRAD360 teleradiology solution, you get the following:

  • More visibility
  • Better reporting tools
  • Increased control
  • Cloud dictation
  • Built-in RIS
  • Analytics

Find out more about our approach to giving you real-time advantages by contacting us today.