Enjoy the best MAMMO Viewing technology in the U.S.

Our solution for viewing and processing Mammography, Ultrasound, CT, MRI & Tomo. Includes all common image processing functions, such as: Image comparison Measurements, etc.

Our MAMMO includes ADVANCED processing features, such as:

  • Reference lines between MLO and CC images
  • Reference lines between MG and US
  • Tomosynthesis cine + MIP creation
  • Mammography CAD support of virtually any vendor

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Multi Modality

Not limited to MAMMO exams. Also Read – US, MRI, CT, CR, Nuc Med.


 Horizontal and Oblique masking


One touch

Automatic initialization of all preferred settings and conditions.

Reference Markers

Reference of Lesion position for US navigation & Reference cross sectional lines between MLO and CC