If you have spent time in the healthcare industry, you can attest to the ever-evolving landscape and the challenges that come with that. Radiologists know this better than just about anyone. The antidote is increasingly adopting interoperability solutions.


Your imaging infrastructure needs to account for interoperability advancements to ensure a more efficient, smooth and seamless workflow with EHR (electronic health records), and this includes communication solutions.

With an EHR-driven workflow, you can improve your examination ordering and reading priority. Information available to radiologists during the examination is made more efficient, reducing the time radiologists spend on otherwise unimportant minutia.


Vendor neutral archiving (VNA) is another area that deserves much of your attention. Even the most efficient PACS aren’t going to be able to go with the flow without the advantages you gain with VNA. From sharing your images with other departments and other facilities, to viewing images remotely away from your dedicated viewer, VNA offers a host of solutions that prove crucial in today’s radiology departments.

True VNA services will store the complete suite of DICOM SOP classes, including presentation states and key image notes, giving radiologists more insights into their daily tasks. Furthermore, true VNA technology will handle ADT updates to image files stored in the archive and store all objects in a non-proprietary format.

Cloud Storage

If there was ever trepidation about storing data in the cloud, radiologists are now leaving all fears behind, especially those who are preparing for an influx of storage needs as image files grow larger and more abundant. Cloud storage isn’t just about having a safe place to store images – it’s become a tool for data exchange.

When you partner with the right cloud-based storage vendor, you gain the ability to access and share images as you need. Consolidating imaging into a cloud solution and integrating that into your workflow will provide more interoperability.

Choosing a Vendor

At OffSite Image Management, we work with many customers to provide interoperability solutions that improve workflow, ease the stress on IT, reduce burnout among radiologists and control what many perceive as an ever-scaling cost issue.

One of our offerings, TeleRad 360, is a premier cloud-based teleradiology solution that offers integrated RIS, imaging worklist management, voice recognition, report distribution, cloud diagnostic viewing and complete mobility. For rural, critical care hospitals and specialty hospitals, surgery and orthopedic centers and urgent care facilities, we offer solutions that are customized to fit your specific needs.

All you have to do is produce radiology exams and enjoy our services. There is no more maintaining, updating or upgrading on your end – we take care of all of it. Contact us and let’s get started on improving your interoperability.