If you’re in the process of updating your hardware or software, adopting new cloud-based applications or taking a look at further digitizing your process, you’re in the same camp as many radiology departments. And for organizations with outdated PACS, the situation is even more intense. The questions you might be asking yourself right now include, how can you be sure the new technology you’re bringing in is a good fit, and how can implementations go more smoothly?

Finding the Right PACS

As you follow mandates regarding electronic health records (EHR), you might be experiencing a tough time meeting every demand. These might include Meaningful Use directives that focus on capturing health information, capturing data and exchange of key electronic information in a structured format, and supporting patient access of self-management tools. With an outdated PACS, these directives can become stressful.

With the right cloud-based PACS vendor in your corner, you can easily configure a highly scalable system that will help you meet all Meaningful Use requirements. Whether you’re a small imaging center or connected to a large hospital system, the best vendors offer options that will fit your needs.

Improving Training

If you’re struggling with EHR implementation, whether it’s an on-site or offsite solution, you can make things smoother with more thorough training. HealthIT.gov breaks training down into three groups: super-user, role-based and process based. A super-user training method involves creating a group of “super users” who are trained at a vigorous level, giving them the tools they need to move through the EHR rather quickly and also share tips with their lesser-trained co-workers.

Role-based training, according to HeathIT.gov involves tailor-training sessions that focus on specific roles and what they need to know about EHR for that role. This fits the preferences of most people, as everyone will have different ways of working with the records.

Finally, there is the process-based training method, which looks more at workflows and finding a process-based way to help staff understand new workflows.

If you’re adopting a new PACS, talk to your vendor about specialized training.

Cloud-Based PACS

At OffSite Image Management, we’ve established a PACS solution that fits a variety of providers, including small, rural imaging professionals who have historically lacked key IT personnel to assist them in getting the best radiology solutions.

Our approach includes ease of integration, which means seamless introduction of our PACS solution with your current infrastructure. Our PACS offer a stable and reliable performance, which means you have more uptime.

We have different tiers of PACS solutions to suit the needs of those who only require the basics, but also the needs of those who consider themselves “power” users. There are also add-ons, such as iQ-Web, which is for teleradiology and image distribution; iQ view/Pro, which is for radiology reading and Q/A workstations.

Contact us at OffSite and let’s discuss your current situation and how our PACS solutions will improve your workflow while saving you money.