When you experience a workflow disruption, you likely see a pile-up of image volumes as your radiologists and other personnel take on extra work that might not even be part of their job description. That only skims the surface of the issues because you’ve got a backlog of patients waiting to hear about the results of their exams(s). There are new technologies tied to teleradiology that can help you overcome these challenges, providing you with a teleradiology workflow that runs more efficiently.

Teleradiology and Accountability

Teleradiology hasn’t been without its challenges, particularly where accountability issues are concerned. For example, an exam goes out and the sender may not know exactly where it’s going, thus they won’t know what stage in the evaluation process it is at during any time of the process. This means they won’t be able to change priorities should something come up.

When you’re partnered with a provider of quality teleradiology services, you gain accountability due to the visibility they offer regarding where the exam is throughout every stage of the process. Furthermore, the right vendor will help you expand access to diagnostic radiology services.

Serving Rural Areas

There is an urban/rural gap in the technologies available to one and not the other. This is another area where the historically underserved rural providers using teleradiology services can gain some advantages.

If you’re trying to bridge that gap, a teleradiology platform from the right company could be the key. The advantage is in the diagnostic radiology services that you can gain through radiologists working remotely.

When you connect to the right teleradiology workflow solution, you’ll be provided with the tools you need to get a better look at your analytics, which means you can make strategic analyses and plan more efficiently. You would also have access to reporting tools that allow you to import directly to the local electronic medical record, or electronically deliver your information to any destination via HL7.

At OffSite Image Management, our focus is to put new platforms within arm’s reach so you can wipe out your inefficiencies and connect with tools that give you the total exam accountability you’ve been looking for. Our teleradiology workflow solution, TeleRAD360, provides the power of visibility. Contact us at OffSite and let’s talk about your workflow. We have solutions that go well beyond teleradiology platforms.