Offsite Vendor Neutral Archiving Offers Advantages

Big data is getting bigger. Those working with medical imaging can attest to the fact that the need forvendor neutral archiving reliable storage for these increasingly larger images is greater now than ever before. Unfortunately, some providers have yet to be introduced to vendor neutral archiving, which means they’re unable to gain unfettered access to medical images.

It wasn’t that long ago that there were few other options than to spread medical images out among multiple PACS, and if the PACS came from different vendors, there was little to no interoperability. However, providers today are focused on using their PACS with vendor neutral archiving technology to get around the proprietary mess created by vendors.

While PACS and vendor neutral archiving technology (VNA) together have made great improvements, thanks to cloud-based solutions, there are even more efficiencies available for providers to archive and share medical images.

So, what are the biggest advantages of VNA? To start, users are looking to VNA to assist them with internal image sharing and to assist with workflow while also reducing the costs associated with storing images and transmitting them. VNA is helping providers reach all these goals.

Essentially, VNA is considered an imaging hub today. While it isn’t going to be a fix-all for medical imaging specialists and IT personnel, it does offer flexibility as well as the centralization that providers need. When connecting to a vendor with cloud-based services, there are even more advantages to be gained with using VNA.

When it comes to workflow, VNA is being utilized to assist providers in revamping their approach to workflow. For instance, with multisite projects, the PACS vendor will offer a central archive, but when one of the providers decides to upgrade and use a different vendor without VNA, the migration of data and the access of archived data becomes a major issue.

The best vendors providing VNA technology use the cloud to keep costs low and to better manage images. Look for one that works with multiple Level IV data centers and allows you to manage all your own data. When you control your data it means you’re not paying someone else to manage even the smallest requests. Choose a vendor that doesn’t charge migration fees, start up fees or revolving fees.

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