PACS and VNA Helping to Change the Imaging Landscape

PACSThe technological landscape surrounding the healthcare industry has continually evolved. However, will this evolution change PACS as we know it? Industry experts are predicting just that.

Some experts are saying your PACS has outlived its purpose and will be replaced by more versatile systems. However, rather than completely replacing your traditional PACS, there are many holding out that there will be a change in PACS that simply morph it into a more versatile piece of equipment rather than being replaced outright. Given the amount of money you invest in your PACS, it makes sense that it will evolve rather than be completely replaced.

Among the reasons you should be convinced that PACS is evolving for radiology is that the industry is calling for PACS to be more than just a file cabinet for radiology. It has to be a valuable part of the equation for interpreting image studies and providing a solution to better patient management. Here are 5 more reasons:

1. Expansion
The functionality factor revolving around PACS is no longer limited to just a tool for radiology. The control has been passed on to IT departments to manage and maintain. Departments other than radiology want control, which involves giving access to cardiology, neurology and other departments who need access to these images.

2. More Digital Processes
Electronic medial records are used by a majority of practitioners today. This means patient records are being managed and organized electronically, and PACS have to be EMR ready, which involves going beyond simply being a diagnostic tool for radiology. It has to be a solution for trend analysis, strategy implementation, outlier identification and data mining.

3. M&A Action
The healthcare industry has for years been fertile ground for mergers and acquisitions with billions of dollars worth of transactions taking place. Communication between these merging facilities has to be improved, and with each entity using a PACS from a different vendor,

4. Payments
Bundled reimbursements and purchasing with a bent toward value have helped to force the evolution of radiology into a cost-center. PACS that are able to work with more than one department help to highlight the value of PACS.

5. Going Modular
Providers today are looking for a system that does more than the single vendor version of PACS. They want a diagnostic and storage system that is easy to manage and manipulate for use in multiple departments, and to share images with other facilities.

Providers are looking for cloud-based solutions that offer greater flexibility, less maintenance and easier access. PACS paired with vendor neutral archiving technology are giving them this, and it’s helping to make the evolution happen. The best vendors are not only improving the way the industry is gaining access to better solutions, they’re also offering these upgrades at a cost savings.

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