Beginning in March, Americans developed a new relationship with all things remote, whether it was remote learning, remote work or remotely “visiting” friends. And while remote radiology technology predates the pandemic by years, radiologists who never used it before found the value that using it provides.

Here are some of the main reasons why more radiology professionals are embracing remote radiology technology, including teleradiology:

  • It Saves Money
    Think about all the money tied to travel costs. Now think about eliminating those costs because remote radiology technology allows you to do the work from anywhere.
  • Rural Care Improvements
    If you’re a rural provider, you’ll benefit by easily expanding your network to include experts who can interpret your images from afar.
  • Constant Coverage
    Regardless of where you are or what time it is, you’re going to be covered by your remote radiology vendor’s services.
  • Quick Diagnostics
    The best teleradiology providers can offer diagnostics almost immediately. This dramatically improves patient care.

Out with the Old

As you spend more time working with remote radiology solutions, are your old outdated platforms bogging you down and do they lack any sense of accountability? When you partner with a cloud-based radiology technology provider, you’re always going to have their latest and greatest solutions. Most cloud-based vendors focus on a zero-administration system, which means they take care of all the software and hardware management and updates.

When you start looking for the various tools vendors offer, make sure you get a remote radiology solution that includes voice recognition and self-editing tools for dictation. Don’t choose one that doesn’t offer data analytics that can help you with your strategic analysis and planning. And make sure you’re getting the tools you need for advanced reporting that will migrate directly to your electronic medical records.

Solving Your Problems Now

Have you ever felt a lack of control over the exam workflow? The right vendor of teleradiology solution can ease that problem with tools that allow you to change priority levels on exams you’ve ordered. Furthermore, you have full visibility during every step of the exam process, which means you never feel like you’ve jettisoned your exam into space.

At OffSite Image Management, we’ve developed a solution called TeleRad360, which seeks to address all the issues that radiologists face with traditional teleradiology solutions that miss the mark. Contact us and find out how you can increase the power of visibility in your radiology workflow.