The use of radiology services has increased and with the influx of new patients and new radiology technology, radiology departments are evolving, and this creates challenges in the radiology workflow.  If you’ve noticed bottlenecks in your workflow, you’re experiencing something many other radiologists and healthcare IT personnel are concerned about. To truly optimize your radiology workflow, you should consider the following.

Diving Into Informatics

Recent studies indicate that the rise of informatics over the last three decades has improved the quality and efficiency of radiology, and that radiologists are at least in part responsible for the evolving technology surrounding informatics.

Investing in imaging informatics is a necessary step in streamlining the radiology workflow for one simple reason – it controls how images are used and exchanged across all the complexities involved in today’s healthcare system.

A Seamless Flow

IT serves an important role in radiology workflow, as integrating radiology software systems assists in navigating the many programs involved in the typical radiology department, including electronic health records, dictation and picture archives, to name a few.

With the right software in place, radiologists can spend more time getting through the large amount of images they need to read. Rather than facing bumps in the road that take valuable time to figure out, let software help integrate programs that otherwise don’t play well together.

EHR Integration

Another integration factor to consider is the radiology workflow, along with the electronic health records (EHR) of each and every patient. Communication is often an issue where patient records are concerned.  Many times, an exam is ordered, scheduled and followed through with, yet people who need to know the status of the exam are left unaware.

By integrating the radiology workflow with HER, everyone has a deeper knowledge of what’s going on, leading to fewer disruptions.

The OffSite Advantage

At OffSite Image Management, our mission is to help our clients operate more efficiently. We recognize that the landscape many radiologists are entrenched in today can bring a number of complexities to the daily flow, which is why we’ve developed a range of solutions, from PACS to archiving and disaster recovery solutions. We developed a PACS administration service, so you don’t have to worry about the daily tasks required to run a PACS.

Furthermore, OffSite has developed rule-based auto-forwarding of data sets with enhanced auto-routing to automate time-consuming tasks. For smaller, low volume facilities, we recommend our PowerPACS solution. For small- to medium-sized facilities that have the need for more storage, we recommend CloudPACS, which includes data center reliability (guaranteed uptime). Larger facilities are a good match for the business continuity options in our EnterprisePACS solution. Contact us today and find out more about what we can do to ease your workflow, improve your services and save you money.