Going paperless is a hot topic as digitization becomes more than just a trend in the healthcare industry. This is especially true in digital radiology, where the benefits are numerous.

For example, image quality is extremely important in making accurate diagnoses. With a robust PACS at your disposal, you get fully digitized archiving. And if you are using an offsite partner providing vendor neutral archiving, your access to images is vastly improved.

Another imaging perk with digital radiology is that you get access to high quality diagnostic utility, which includes optimized images. This means that your risk of receiving suboptimal imaging is drastically reduced because they are optimized throughout the process.

Going Remote

Given the fact that society is more mobile now than ever, getting images on the go is a requirement, especially for specialists that need to see images that did not originate from their office.

As long as you have a secure network connection, you can see the images at your leisure. Again, with a vendor neutral archiving solution, it doesn’t matter what type of viewer you’re using (though some image types might require custom viewers).

Another perk with the remote feature in digital radiology is that there is nothing to lose, literally. Think about how many physical images have been lost or damaged in transit. That is a thing of the past with the digital process.

Finally on the remote topic, when you go digital you gain speed. In one device, you can integrate, process and present an image.

Better Workflow

Radiologists are increasingly busy as demand for their services increases every year. While radiology has been around for many decades, new technologies improve the field and the way medical practitioners use radiology for the benefit of patients.

Many technicians are overwhelmed, which means they don’t need roadblocks inhibiting workflow. Yet again, digital radiology steps in to offer advantages here, because digital images take only seconds to load.

Many radiologists use flat plane detectors, which are optimal viewers for digital images. While they can present a cost constraint due to their expense, the improvement to workflow can make up for it pretty quickly.

Offsite Advantages

Partnering with the right vendor in this digital age is critical.At OffSite Image Management, we’ve developed a host of solutions that speak to the needs of radiologists and IT personnel that struggle with the evolving landscape.

If you’re in the market for digital solutions that improve your overall process while not adding costs, contact us at OffSite and let’s talk about how we’ll approach your unique situation with customized solutions.