Cloud Solutions Improve Image Management

PACSA number of issues come up for healthcare providers looking to find more efficiencies in their medical imaging solutions. They have redundant imaging problems that create cost disadvantages and expose patients to various risks. A way to become more efficient is to make the flow of images across the enterprise flow more seamlessly. Can your PACS be modified to bring more efficiency to the workflow?

Not only are providers looking for a better image solution, patients are also looking out for their best interests by taking a more active role in their health plan, which means they want access to healthcare data. Can your PACS provide this as well?

Unfortunately, most imaging solutions aren’t ready to integrate with other solutions that can bring these advantages to the forefront. Patients want the freedom to share their images with other specialists, which means if you’re operating on a patient-centric level, you’re expected to bring these perks to patients who see them not as perks, but as a basic service that they require of you.

Many providers are rapidly deploying electronic health record applications, in part because it’s just good practice and also because there are various compliance issues that require them. However, not all PACS are ready to make this a seamless transition. Fortunately, cloud-based solutions are stepping up to offer some effective means of image management.

The bulk of the solutions involve vendor neutral archiving (VNA), which has spurred a cloud VNA “revolution”. This flexible framework is offered over the internet, allowing the transfer and viewing of medical images without complications that occur through proprietary viewers.

Images are easily transferred to custom portals or to whoever has the access privileges through a secure URL. Referring physicians and patients alike can gain access to the images they want to see, and they won’t be required to see them while sitting in front of an expensive viewing machine. In fact, with the right vendor you can see these images on your mobile devices.

If you want to get rid of those VPNs between you and other providers, cloud-based imaging solutions are the perfect fit. You can also consolidate your systems, gain better business continuity and disaster recovery processes, and completely get rid of your CD burning solution

At OffSite Image Management, Inc., we’ve developed a cloud-based image management solution that takes the hassle out of image access and viewing. When you partner with us, you can share your images any time, any place, as long as you have internet access. Furthermore, all of your images will be safe with us as we use multiple data centers to duplicate your information so that it is available 24/7/365. Contact us today to find out how we can save you money while giving your image management capabilities a big boost.