Medical professionals are well aware of the benefits of using digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT) for detecting breast cancer, but DBT is now also making a name for itself as a method for measuring bone density.

Of the almost 10 million Americans suffering from osteoporosis, close to 80% of them are women. For women with osteoporosis risk factors, doctors recommend bone imaging studies, but only about a third of them follow through with it. While 90% of women in this age group undergo breast cancer screenings, the prevailing thought is to have them undergo the bone density screening when they come in for their breast exam.

According to a researcher that recently published a study on the matter, undergoing a digital wrist tomosynthesis would be informative, offering data on bone mass, cortical thickness and microstructural qualities that are factors in osteoporosis.

Having a higher percentage of the risk group tested could help alert patients to the fragility of their bones, which is important considering that bone fractures are a common problem with osteoporosis sufferers. Before DBT, healthcare professionals used dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry, which has not been helpful in determining which patients were at the most risk of experiencing a fracture. The study concluded that using DBT is “feasible in a mammography setting.”

Connecting With Better Technology

If you’re relying on antiquated equipment/technology to treat your patients, your workflow is likely suffering, which can affect the care you are able to give your patients. There are many cloud-based solutions available today, not just for DBT, but for many radiology needs. Choosing the right provider can mean saving money, improving services and gaining a more comprehensive approach to improving your technology.

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