It’s hard to believe, but it’s been roughly two decades since radiologists took the first big leaps into cloud-based technologies. And if that first foray into the technology wasn’t quite as “groundbreaking” as some might have hoped, cloud RIS is certainly turning some heads today.

Cloud RIS is just one component of cloud-based technologies that have helped organizations manage their processes in a more efficient manner while improving healthcare for patients and boosting profits. Here are some other benefits adopters of cloud RIS have experienced:

  • Business Continuity
    Vendors with outstanding cloud RIS solutions build in tools for disaster recovery and business continuity. Today’s environment is incredibly harsh, rife with cyber criminals and always vulnerable to the extremes brought on by Mother Nature. The best vendors account for this environment with a full suite of tools and protocols that battle the elements and the criminals.
  • Cost Control
    If you’ve struggled in recent years with updating your platforms and keeping qualified personnel on staff to effectively manage your radiology environment, you can offload many of those responsibilities to cloud RIS vendors. Not only do they provide storage space where you can archive your images, they also manage software updates and management issues that save you a lot of time and money, not to mention keeping your data online and available 99.9% of the time.
  • Constant Support
    Rather than have to configure on-premise space with new hardware and software, all your implementation is done in the cloud. It’s fast and convenient, but it’s also taken on by trained professionals who do this on a full-time basis.

Other RIS Perks in the Cloud

Among the other advantages of taking on this cloud-based methodology is the value of vendor neutral archiving (VNA). VNA offers radiology and other departments in need of access to imaging the ability to store and archive data across many PACS. What’s the advantage, you ask? Well, it starts with the fact that true VNA will store and retrieve data from any PACS vendor, but also cost-effectively migrate between storage platforms in a transparent manner.

If you’re looking for this kind of access to technology that will transform the way you manage your images, look to vendors like OffSite Image Management, which has led the way in cloud-based radiology solutions.

Our RIS solutions come in more than one iteration, which speaks to our level of commitment to serving our customers. For customized, enterprise-level PACS solutions, we offer a package that includes unlimited routing, no exam limits, no user limits, a zero-footprint browser agnostic viewer, customized on-site PACS and much more. For smaller facilities that do not require all the bells and whistles, our PowerPACS package includes all-in-one FDA workstation/PACS hybrid, which includes all software and hardware, plus import documents and structured reporting. Contact us and let’ discuss your needs.