Choose a Vendor Neutral Cloud PACS

Cloud Security 1Stop allowing your existing PACS to be dependent on just one server. A better option is to adopt a cloud PACS where servers are virtually limitless. Healthcare IT professionals today are looking for PACS that offers the ability for each independent component of the PACS to operate independently, and it’s to cloud that they are finding these solutions.

A marketing research company embarked on a study not long ago and found that most providers are focusing on solutions that get their medical images to the right people in quick order. The top method being employed to achieve this fast and efficient delivery focused on vendor neutral archiving solutions delivered through cloud PACS.

Storage is equally as important as access and the ability to share across disparate systems. To get all three, the best PACS are engineered in such a way that providers can fully rely on them day in and day out for storage and access. Hospitals with 500 or more beds are, according to a study by KLAS, a marketing research company, are increasingly considering vendor neutral archiving technology to assist them in breaking down the barriers that have traditionally blocked providers’ ability to offer the best patient care.

As healthcare providers prepare to adopt an image data center, multi-site providers are at a loss when they choose a proprietary system because what works at one site won’t at another using a different system. It’s for this reason that multi-site providers are jumping on board with cloud PACS and VNA solutions, en masse.

Furthermore, providers that replace their PACS and switch to a different vendor face a host of problems when it comes time to migrate data. The VNA migration process, while still complex, doesn’t have near the roadblocks in place, making it a near no-brainer to adopt VNA technology over that, which is offered by a proprietary vendor.

Another aspect to consider is cost. Is your facility paying by exam to access the images you’ve stored in a PACS? There is no one-size-fits-all solution that works for everyone, and providers shouldn’t be paying for bells, whistles and storage they don’t require. The cloud-based PACS solution offered by the best providers is a scalable solution that doesn’t drive up costs for no reason.

Patients’ needs are changing. They no longer seek assistance from only one provider. They require unfettered access to their medical imaging and data, and they no longer will accept the mediocrity that proprietary PACS have to offer.

OffSite Image Management, Inc., is a proud provider of VNA technology that works for providers who have long outgrown their antiquated PACS solution. Our solution involves a cloud-based, multiple server scenario that makes 100 percent uptime a real possibility, regardless of what is going on in your region – flood, electrical storm, fire, earthquake, hurricane, tornado or human error. A cloud-based PACS solution takes the risk out of the archiving and accessing process. Contact us today and learn more about our solutions.