How Radiologists Are Using Cloud PACS to Their Favor

cloud PACSThe medical landscape is changing. In many ways, it’s becoming more patient-centric, as is evidenced by the proliferation of patient portals that give patients and doctors better access to patient records. With cloud PACS, the patient-centric focus is coming into better view.

Patients today are demanding more access to and involvement in their personal healthcare. They want feedback and information on everything from their doctors’ notes to their medical images to the bill. For medical professionals, finding an easier, more convenient way to communicate with patients is a goal that can be assisted through cloud PACS. It’s an opportunity to educate them and assist the patient in advancing their personal goals of a better quality of life.

While the advantages for the patient are clear, there are also ways cloud PACS can free the radiologist from the traditional reading room. In the traditional scenario, radiologists can only access exams through proprietary viewers in their reading rooms. Everything is in a silo that is only accessible through specific methods. Fortunately, cloud technology is breaking down those silos.

As it stands now (in most cases), radiologists are somewhat removed from the way patients interact with patient portals. While it’s great that the patient has access to their tests results, they also require some interpretation of them. As more providers move to cloud PACS, radiologists will have the ability to electronically file their reports and answer patient questions.

With a cloud-based radiology solution, radiologists can break free from the restrictions of on-site PACS and provide a more workable interpretation and reporting method, which in some cases involves using smartphones and tablet computers. Recently, developers have been able to customize tablet computers for DICOM images, giving them the option to make adjustments to medical images for easier reading, including grayscale display functionality.

Also, cloud PACS offer the ability to read studies from anywhere as long as the radiologist has a secure URL from which to access those images. Not all cloud-based vendors are offering the same functionality, so it pays to be diligent in doing your research regarding who can offer what. For starters, you want to connect yourself with a vendor that utilizes vendor neutral technology, which will assure you that you’re getting all the freedom you need to walk away from the traditional viewing situation.

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