With all the acronyms being used today in radiology, it’s easy to get confused, especially considering how the terms are sometimes misused. From CIS to EHR to DICOM and HIS or PACS, navigating them and verifying that they are what they say they are takes some effort. And what about PACS and cloud PACS – is one better than the other?

As the technology evolves, so too will the terminology, abbreviations, and inevitably, confusion. Staying informed on what’s new and what can be useful to your radiology practice is imperative. One of the key players in the current technology landscape is cloud PACS, a hosted offsite solution that can be leveraged to bring plenty of value to the way you work.

The Benefits of Cloud PACS

Everyone wants the latest and greatest radiology solutions to hit the market, but cost can be an issue. However, this is not the case with a cloud PACS solution. In fact, if you replace your old PACS with a cloud-based PACS, you can reduce your costs quite substantially.

The price tag isn’t the only advantage in this cloud-based solution. You also hand over a lot of the daily tasks associated with an on-premise PACS, as the vendor will provide the updates, upgrades and maintenance while storing your data on commercial servers, often with disaster recovery and business continuity solutions attached.

Speaking of storage, the best cloud PACS providers will allow you to grow as needed. Rather than invest in more hardware that takes up precious space, your data will be stored securely on offsite servers. These servers are physically protected by onsite security personnel, but there are also encryption services and cyber protections applied to ensure your data isn’t corrupted, stolen or misused.

Choosing Your Cloud PACS Provider

Fortunately, you’ve got options to choose from when it comes to cloud PACS providers. The best providers are those offering cloud-based DICOM viewers, which means when you want to view an image remotely, you won’t need a proprietary viewer or special software to access it. If you’ve ever struggled with remote viewing, you’ll see an instant advantage in choosing a cloud-based PACS with DICOM viewer capabilities.

Everyone has their own set of requirements when it comes to how they manage their workflow. With some due diligence, you can match your needs to the services offered by vendors. At OffSite Image Management, our cloud PACS options are a perfect match for critical access and rural hospitals, specialty hospitals, surgery centers, orthopedic centers and urgent care facilities.

We know that some facilities won’t require all capabilities of a fully-loaded PACS, which is why we offer three different tiers of PACS solutions. Contact us and let’s discuss your needs and which solution will work for today’s and tomorrow’s needs.